Street market in Tuscany

Every morning there is a street market in Tuscany in a different village, it is a very interesting activity if you want to try an experience like a local!

Street markets can be bigger or smaller according with the village or the town where it takes place. Generally you can find fresh vegetables and fruits, food products, street food like the traditional panino con la porchetta (a sandwich with a savory and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition) or mixed fried but also clothes, shoes or household utensils.

ShoppIng markets (8am to 1pm / 4pm to 8pm)

  • Tuesday morning in Ambra (small)
  • Wednesday morning in Bucine (small) and Siena (big)
  • Thursday morning in Rapolano (small), Montevarchi (big)
  • Friday morning in Terranuova Bracciolini (small), Pergine Valdarno (small)
  • Saturday morning in San Giovanni Valdarno (big), Arezzo (big)

Antique Markets

  • Arezzo: 1st weekend of every month, held in the old town center
  • Terranuova: 2nd weekend of every month held the old town center
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